Studio Lucas Doerre

Lucas Doerre is a Berlin based Artist, Designer and Art Director. He focuses on the connection of art, visual communication and the interpersonal being to create a new form of conception and aesthetics. This combination

won customers like Apple, Adobe, Nike, Adidas and BMW in the fields of Fine and Digital Arts, Graphic Design &

Moving-Image. His art has been exhibited around the world as in Berlin, Athens, Guangzhou, Miami and Boston.

Shifted, 2018

Today at Apple, 2018  Open Project

Political Fuck, 2018

Oppressive Future, 2018  Open Project

Savior 2018   Open Project

Sehsüchte, 2018  Open Project

Merged Kiss, 2017/18

BMW 8er Coupé, 2018  Open Project

Gewumme, 2018

Adidas Originals, 2018

Definitions, 2018

Smukke, 2017  Open Project

Adobe Stock, 2017

Make Pleaser, 2017

ENNIO, 2017

Birkenstock, 2017

Humanbeing, 2016

DAM, 2016