Studio Lucas Doerre

Lucas Doerre is a Berlin based Artist. He focuses on the connections between art, communication and the interpersonal being to create his own creative language. Believing in strong concepts and surprising visuals, won customers like Apple, Adobe, Nike, Adidas Originals and BMW in the fields of Fine and Digital Arts, Graphic Design & Moving-Image. His work has been exhibited around the world as in Berlin, Hamburg, Athens, Guangzhou, Miami and Boston.


Services Art & Creative Direction, Animation, Branding, CGI, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, 3D Printing Clients Apple, Adidas Originals, Adobe, Birkenstock, BMW, Filmuniversität Babelsberg, Mont Blanc, New York Times, Nike, Shutterstock, Studio Hamburg, Telekom, Universal Music, Virgin Records Awards & Interviews ADAA, ADC Portfolio Night, Adobe Creative Cloud, Art Directors Club, Design Made In Germany, German Design Award,, Instagram Germany, Novum Magazine, Page Magazine.

Lucas, Photo: Marius Sperlich