Studio Lucas Doerre

Oppressive Future

Fine Art Sculpture Series, 2018 in collaboration with Marius Sperlich


This series focuses on human emotions—their complexity, their variety. How humans develop their own set of emotions—never static, but always in flux and evolving over time. We developed three busts; Blur, Mute and Echo. Each stands for it's very own emotion and story. 3D printed in New York at Unique Board.

  • Detailed Description

    Blur What does it mean to be one’s self? And how does one reveal or become this authentic self in a society that actively discourages it? Humans routinely hide their true selves behind various masks, adapting to a system of rules and social pressures that produce fear. This series channels the pressures that weaken humans, causing us to look for areas of retreat and routes of escape


    Mute Words have real power. They inspire but also hurt. And, in the karmic sense, things said eventually come back around to us. There is a value in silence—of saying less and doing more. This series visualizes how loose tongues and harmful words eventually silence us.


    Echo Communications require a medium. Visuals appear on screens. Sounds travel in waves out of speakers. Similarly, emotions manifest in bodies. An emotion triggers a bodily or facial reaction and vice versa. This series represents how the human body is the canvas upon which we paint our emotions. Through them we produce and interpret expressions based on our sentiments. Some are familiar to those close to us, others are unrecognizable to others. What is clear is that the body is the physical echo of how we feel at any given moment.


Novum Cover, Photo: Tobias Holzmann

Exhibition "Virtual Me", Art'otel Berlin Mitte, 2018, Photo: Sarice Brudet

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